3 Amazing Reasons You Need to Trade Your Traditional Soaps for Handmade Natural Soaps

Have you every wondered why someone would use a natural soap instead of the traditional bar soaps available in the market? Or why someone would use a handmade lavender soap instead of, say, a lavender body wash?

Yes, we get it.

The market is flooded with soaps in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances, all available at pretty cheap prices. And that makes it easy for you to simply pick one up when you go grocery shopping.

But did you know that conventional soaps are laden with chemicals and detergents and are stripped of any natural benefits?

Handmade and natural soaps, on the other hand, are filled with the goodness of natural ingredients and contain essential nutrients, oils and vitamins that nourish our skin.

So, if you have been on the fence about making that switch to natural soaps, read on to find a few reasons why you should.

  1. Handmade Natural Soaps Do Not Contain Harmful Chemicals

    A soap is only as good as its ingredients. Probably the biggest reason why you should use natural, handmade soap is that it does not contain chemicals, synthetic ingredients or artificial colors and scents. It is handmade with love using materials found in nature, such as lavender, goat milk, honey and so on. Natural soaps are also moisturizing and they leave your skin feeling clean, soft and radiant.

  2. Handmade Soaps Are the Real Deal

    It may be called soap but the mass-produced cleansing products are anything but. They are, in reality, concoctions of detergents and synthetic ingredients that work to dehydrate your skin, cause allergic reactions, and in some cases, even age it prematurely. Handmade soaps, however, are made using the cold press method and are not enhanced using any unnecessary ingredients.

  3. You Can Choose from A Wide Variety of Handmade Natural Soaps

    If you love variety, handmade soaps will surely not disappoint. Regardless of your skin type or fragrance preference, you will easily find a natural soap that your skin will thank you for. From lavender to goat milk soap, there is a myriad of recipes and fragrances that are formulated to give you what your skin truly deserves.

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