Here’s Why Switching To Handmade Goat Milk Soap Is Good

Thinking of switching to natural, handmade soap? We have an incredible pick for you. Goat milk soap and other natural ingredients, like palm oil and coconut oil, are so much better than a bar of your regular synthetic soap.


Also, handmade goat milk soap works wonders for your skin. If you are interested to know how it gives you a beauty boost, read on!

Say Yes To Gentle Yet Deep Cleansing. 

We handcraft our goat milk soap bars with lots of love. They are loaded with the goodness of carefully selected natural ingredients minus the harmful and harsh chemical compounds. 

The lactic acid that comes from pure goat milk provides excellent cleansing to your skin. It gently removes all the impurities. Another component of goat milk is alpha hydroxy acid that works to eliminate dead cells from the surface of your skin.

The result? A squeaky-clean skin without excessive dryness. 

Hello Silky Smooth Skin. 

Did you know goat milk is a natural moisturizer or an emollient? It is instantly absorbed by your skin, creating a moisture barrier. That is what keeps the skin soft and supple for longer durations. 

Rich in fatty acids and glycerin, our handmade goat milk soap bar leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and moisturized. It penetrates the cracks and gaps of your upper skin layer, giving you luxurious softness.

Something To Keep Premature Aging At Bay.

A good source of powerful antioxidants, like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin A, goat milk undoes the oxidative damages to your skin caused by free radicals. As it also helps you get rid of dead cells on your skin, the layers of new cells are revealed. 

In other words, it not only delays aging but also helps eliminate signs of premature aging, for example, sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

A Balanced pH Balance.

Some synthetic soaps disrupt the pH level of your skin that may lead to dryness or breakouts. You will never have that complaint with goat milk handmade soap! 

Goat milk is rich in fatty acids, one of which is caprylic acid. The acid lowers the soap’s pH level making it similar to that of our body. That allows our skin to properly absorb nutrients present in the soap. 

No Irritation, No Irritation. 

Do you have sensitive skin? Goat milk soap is a good choice! 

Due to the presence of fat molecules, goat milk has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use of the soap may provide relief from skin inflammation. Our handmade goat milk soap bars are free of chemical additives, so you do not have to worry about irritation.

Let your skin rejoice by using our goat milk soap bars! 

Enriched with amazing natural ingredients, including pure goat milk, our handmade soap bars are SO GOOD for your skin. The nourishment of vitamin E and the gentle cleansing and rich moisturization of goat milk are in-store when you pick from our collection.

Give our goat milk handmade lavender soap a try!