About the CEO

Welcome to Rejoice All Natural! I'm the founder and CEO, driven by a passion for holistic living. After years in corporate design, my focus shifted to holistic well-being. Trained as a Yoga teacher, lifecoach, and in Buddhist teachings, I explored natural living.
Recognizing the challenge of finding genuine, convenient, and effective natural products, I set out to create Rejoice. Our mission is simple – to bring authentic Ayurvedic products to the world. Discover the balance of purity, efficacy, and convenience with Rejoice All Natural. Join us on this transformative journey to embrace wellness naturally.

Anupama Tyagi

Founder & CEO, Rejoice All Natural

  • Ayurvedic Goodness

    Discover the natural magic of Ayurveda in every product

  • Vegan & Environment-Friendly

    Feel the goodness of plant-powered wellness in every choice

  • Made in the USA

    Quality you can trust, crafted right here in the USA

  • Women-Owned, Wellness-Driven

    Proudly women-owned, creating products that enrich your life