About Me

Anupama Tyagi at Rejoice All Natural show
I am the founder and CEO of Rejoice All Natural LLC. I was born and brought up in India, the land of Ayurveda and Yoga. After my graduation from Lady Shriram College in New Delhi, I migrated to New York, USA. Here I studied and got a second degree in Interior Design (BFA)from New York School of Interior Design. I worked for companies like GHK, Ralph Lauren and Ethan Allen. After several years of experience, I started my own business, Artistic Touch, to design and develop office and residential spaces.

All through my professional career, I had an interest in holistic living. So I developed my skills by learning about how to live well across all spheres. To be better physically, I trained to be a Yoga teacher from Ishta Yoga Center in NY. To be better emotionally, I trained to be a lifecoach from Health Coach Institute. And to be better spiritually, I did a training in Buddhist teaching from Dharmachakra center of Buddhism. I also learnt about essential oils and alternative healing methods.

After seeing the life changes that I made, my family and friends started to seek my advice on various issues. While we intuitively know that we should use more natural products and less chemicals, it is hard to find such products. These natural products and recipes are not as convenient and quick acting as the chemical laden products or medicines. They act slowly but surely, they have no harmful effects. Using pure, unrefined, organic products has its pros and cons. It is sometimes a challenge to procure authentic products from reliable and licensed vendors and of course, undoubtedly the cost of the packaged product can be a bit unrealistic. Also, the absence or synthetic chemicals and artificial preservatives effects the shelf life and composition of the product over a short period of time. So after many rounds of experiments I was able create the right balance between wholesomeness, efficacy and convenience.

I extended my knowledge to my family. My daughter benefited from the natural body butter during her teen years. My son, who has a dry skin benefited from the moisturizing soap that I created. My husband swears by the tea masala’s flavors.

These experiments were the precursor to Rejoice All Natural. The philosophy behind Rejoice All
Natural is to celebrate and enjoy life everyday. These products are made from all natural
ingredients and promote well being and good health. That is the first step in being able to enjoy a
fulfilling life.

I live in New Jersey with my husband and two children.
Anupama Tyagi