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Let me give you a brief introduction to why and how did Rejoice tea masala come into existence.

Born in the land of Ayurveda, being surrounded by spices was nothing unusual for me. Not only were these spices omnipresent in every kitchen, placed strategically in the spice box (masala dani), they also had a significant role to play in our medicine cabinet.

It was not very common to rush to the doctor for every cold and cough or stomach ache. Our mothers were our first responders. And their lab was their herb cabinet. They made the strong concoction of herbs prepared and customized to each illness, the results were certain and without any side effects. Now that’s something to rejoice.

Blessed with this immortal wealth of knowledge about spices, I moved to the United States. The biggest obstacle was to find these traditional recipes and ingredients and then to use and prepare them. The quest resulted in the long-distance calls to my mother in India to procure the recipes which resulted in huge phone bills, but seriously, looking back it was worth every penny. Never imagined these spices would actually become another reason to love my mother even more.

In 1999, I became a mother. Oh boy! Was I on top of the world when I first held my son. But, with this elated happiness dawned a sense of responsibility. Now it was my turn to nourish my son and later my daughter with healthy foods. I was now the bridge between my mother and my children to pass on this wisdom. Phew, too much pressure! But, needless to say, it all came naturally. Customizing, improvising and introducing these spices in variety of ways into our daily routine has become my passion.